About the fund

The Opportunity and Equity Fund is an endowed fund that supports capacity-building, grantmaking, and community research in order to build a better Brookline for all.

Fund history

In 2019, outgoing Board Chair Julie Marcus wanted to create a fund that would enable BCF to harness today’s resources to invest in tomorrow’s challenges. To make this vision a reality, Julie collaborated with BCF staff and led the establishment of the endowed Opportunity and Equity Fund. She shared her vision with fellow Board members and Friends of BCF, inviting them to contribute to the establishment of this core fund.

Today, the Opportunity & Equity fund is supported by all members of the Brookline community. BCF uses this fund to support capacity-building, grantmaking, and community research initiatives to identify emerging community need and invest in innovative solutions that will have a positive impact on the Brookline community.

Further information

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