Grant application process

Grant application process

To support our mission, BCF seeks proposals from nonprofits, community organizations, and collectives dedicated to advancing opportunity and promoting equity for everyone who lives, learns, works, and plays in our community.

Steps in applying for a grant

We know that the application process takes thoughtfulness on your part, and we’ve tried to be thoughtful about it on ours. Brookline Community Foundation accepts all grant applications through our online Grants Management System. Among its benefits is the ability to control organizational contact information; to draft, save and submit online applications; and to upload documents and reports.

1. Review the grant guidelines for the specific grant you would like to applying for

Each of BCF’s grant programs has its own application cycle, deadlines and guidelines for eligibility. Applicants are required to read the RFP guidelines before starting the application. You will find a link to the RFP guidelines for your grant program in the sidebar of that grant program page.

2. Create an account on online Grants Management System

All applicants are required to create and maintain an account on the grants management system. We suggest creating your account well in advance of the grant deadline to avoid any last minute issues. At the time of registration you are required to enter the following information: a contact email address (which will become your username); your contact information; your organization’s contact information, including the EIN/Tax ID number (required); and the contact information for your organization’s Executive Director.

3. Complete your grant application

As you complete the grant application, it can be saved as a draft in the system. When you log in again later, it will be easy to return to that draft, make edits, and submit the application. Each account maintains a record of the application history that you can access at any time. For further details and information, please refer to our Grant application FAQs and Grants Management System FAQs.

4. Once you have submitted your application, BCF will review it

Funding decisions are made through BCF’s grant review process by the Program and Grants Committee. This process may include a site visit or follow up phone call with BCF staff or members of the Program and Grants Committee.

5. After BCF has reviewed your proposal, we will notify you regarding funding

You will be notified by email if your organization receives funding or in some cases, as well as if funding is not available for your organization at this time.

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