Zaria Karakashian-Jones (she/her/hers) brings a deep commitment to community engagement and considerable knowledge of the Brookline community to her work with BCF as the Manager of Program and Partnerships. In this role, she works closely with community members and nonprofit leaders to support new program development, grantmaking, sponsorships, and community convenings. Prior to joining BCF, Zaria worked at Goldfish Swim School, where she was in charge of inventory, sales, and community engagement. Zaria is a second generation Brookline resident and a graduate of Brookline High School. She earned her Associates Degree in May 2022, and expects to complete her Bachelors degree in 2024. Some fun facts about Zaria are that her eyes change color and she is an avid swimmer who used to be on a swim team.

Phone: +1 617.566.4442
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