We partner with donors to identify opportunities for meaningful community investment that supports a thriving Brookline today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. We work side-by-side with donors to help realize their unique philanthropic visions, establish and manage funds that provide crucial support to local organizations, and ensure your giving has the greatest possible impact in Brookline.

We use insights gained through research to drive shared community conversations and engage community members in collaborative solution-building. Through community engagement efforts, we learn firsthand where community members see opportunities for meaningful change and where we can make transformative investments in Brookline. And through new initiatives and partnerships, we’re bringing deeper insights and new ideas to address our shared challenges together.

We invest resources in local nonprofits, Town agencies, and community efforts working to advance opportunity for those most impacted by inequity. By fueling organizations and programs supporting education, health and wellness, racial equity, housing access, healthy environments, arts and culture, and more, we can remove barriers to opportunity and help every member of our community thrive.

BCF drives Brookline-focused research, engages community members, and elevates insights into barriers that are preventing us from achieving opportunity and equity in our community. Through our flagship Understanding Brookline reports and Community Indicators Database, we shed light on emerging needs and gaps in the local safety net. Through issue-specific community research, we identify opportunities for collective action and investment in the Brookline community.

Top photo: Liz Linder