The following BCF policies were created to provide transparency into our operations and to offer clear information to donors, grant seekers, grant recipients, and community members.

BCF fund fee policy

Each of our fund types has its own minimum initial investments, as well as its own fee. Please refer to the following schedule. FUND TYPE MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT ADMINISTRATION FEES Named Unrestricted Fund $10,000 for endowed 1.5% annually and applied quarterly $750 minimum for endowed Endowed Discretionary     More ...

BCF investment policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees: September 9, 2021   I. Introduction   The Brookline Community Foundation creates opportunity and promotes equity through the  transformative power of giving, fulfilling the promise of opportunity, by addressing the needs of  Brookline as a whole. This document states the investment policy of the Board     More ...

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion BCF is committed to being an equity-focused and anti-racist partner for the Brookline community. We cannot do this work without addressing the root causes of the inequities we see across the country and in our community. Often, poverty, hunger, un- and under-employment,     More ...

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