About the fund

The BCF Fund for Brookline awards grants to nonprofit organizations, Town departments, and community groups through our Community Grant Program to create opportunity and promote equity for the Brookline community. Through this unrestricted fund, BCF awards grants a wide range of efforts, including but not limited to: general operating support, multi-year support for programs and operations, launching or sustaining programs, creating and maintaining staff positions, supporting strategic planning, and more. Grantmaking from this fund through the Community Grant Program is designed to help launch, sustain, and grow efforts that will have a positive impact on the Brookline community.

Fund history

Opened in 2011, the BCF Fund for Brookline is an internal unrestricted fund. The vision for this fund was to enable BCF to provide substantial, sustainable, and flexible grants year-over-year through. Through this fund, BCF awards grants to nonprofits, Town government agencies, and community organizations to support: general operating costs; new program development; program scaling and maintenance; staff positions; strategic planning efforts; diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; trainings, and; other activities undertaken to support the Brookline community.

In 2021, the BCF Fund for Brookline reached a new milestone and began funding multi-year grants to nonprofits through the Community Grant Program. These multi-year grants help provide our nonprofit partners with increased financial support and the flexibility to develop and launch new programming and support initiatives over time.

Further information

For more information on the BCF Fund for Brookline, please contact the BCF development team.

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