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This has been a watershed year for the Brookline Community Foundation—in 2017, we secured the largest gifts in the Foundation’s history, awarded more (and larger) grants to local nonprofits than ever before and expanded our giving to address important new issues in Brookline. We’ve been preparing for this growth: Over the past several years, the Foundation has sharpened its mission, helped build greater understanding about challenges facing our town and earned the trust of many new and faithful donors like you who share our commitment to a stronger, more equitable Brookline.

Because of your generosity, we’re doing more than ever to build a better Brookline for all.

In 2017, the Foundation increased its assets by 25% and made almost $500,000 in grants to 29 local partners, an all-time high. Many grants addressed our long-standing priorities: alleviating poverty and expanding opportunities for youth. We also attracted significant new gifts that allowed us to establish a fund to support health and wellness, and we launched a new, responsive grant program to ensure that Brookline remains an inclusive, welcoming community for all.

Today, more than ever, we’re committed to making Brookline a place where every neighbor has what they need to fully participate in our vibrant community. Today, because of you, we’re doing more than ever to realize this vision. We are so very grateful for your support.