Urban Larson is a seasoned investor who is in the process of launching his own independent investment firm, White Pine Advisory. Urban has worked around the globe for various firms, including five years spent in London and six in Mexico City. He was most recently employed by Standish Mellon Asset Management in Boston. Urban has expertise in emerging markets and has earned his professional certification in sustainable investing. Urban is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French, and conversant in other languages. He earned his MBA from HEC in France, and has a BA from the University of Chicago. Urban currently chairs the Board of Investment of First Unitarian Univeralist Society in Newton and is a member of the investment committees of the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry and Urban Edge, both in Roxbury. Urban and his family have lived in Brookline since 2012, and he is very interested in BCF and the BCF PAC, as he has been looking for a way to become more involved in Brookline and Brookline’s issues and needs.