About the organization Women Thriving, Inc. co-creates opportunities for women facing economic, social, and racial inequities to thrive.
In the most recent funding cycle, BCF funds were provided to…
  • Create new leadership pathways for BIPOC women by creating a leadership group where BIPOC women support, encourage, and listen to other BIPOC women. This work, involving Brookline BIPOC women and BIPOC leaders, along with established BIPOC-led organizations and their leaders, will provide important new leadership development and paid internship opportunities.
Website womenthrivingma.org
Organization received BCF funding during the following years: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, Prior to 2019
Has been supported by the following BCF grants and/or funds: Racial Equity Grant Program, Community Grant Program, Sarah Lawrence Fund, Hattie Carr Fund, NETA II Fund