About the organization Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) is an integrated media and technology education center that supports Brookline residents accessing media-making technology, amplifies their voices and tells their stories, develops media literacy, and sustains a vibrant and transparent democracy.
In the most recent funding cycle, BCF funds were provided to…
  • Provide general operating support towards BIG’s efforts to ensure all Brookline residents have access to media-making technology, amplify their voices and tell their stories, develop media literacy skills, and sustain a vibrant and transparent democracy.
  • Support the Arts2Work Youth Media Training Program designed to usher young people into media arts-related career pathways.
Website brooklineinteractive.org
Organization received BCF funding during the following years: 2023, 2021, 2020, 2019
Has been supported by the following BCF grants and/or funds: Youth Development Grant, Community Grant Program, NETA Fund, Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture