Dear Brookline Community,

We are horrified by the March 2021 tragic attacks committed against Asian women in Georgia, leaving six of them dead. This was not an isolated attack and is reflective of the rampant anti-Asian violence and racism directed at the Asian American community. In a one-year span from 2020-2021, there have been more than 3,800 reported incidents of anti-Asian hate, sixty-seven of those reports were in Massachusetts. Brookline is not immune to this racism.

The Brookline Community Foundation joins other voices across the country and in philanthropy in speaking out and condemning anti-Asian xenophobia, racism, and violence. These attacks must stop.

BCF stands with the vibrant and diverse Asian American Pacific Islander community in Brookline. We know that condemning anti-Asian violence requires more than words, and we are committed to providing funding to combat anti-Asian racism, violence, exclusion, and bullying in Brookline.

If you want to learn more about how to act in solidarity with the AAPI community, the history of anti-Asian sentiment in our country, or how AAPI community members have enriched the American Story for more than two hundred years, here are a few other places to engage…





The experiences of Asian American Pacific Islanders matter every day, everywhere.