Although the majority of BCF’s grantmaking program is directed towards private, nonprofit organizations, there are occasions when BCF will accept requests from the Town of Brookline’s Departments, Committees, and Commissions. In addition to the usual criteria, the following requirements also apply to grant applications from public agencies:

In order to stretch limited charitable funds for the greatest impact, funding from BCF will not displace funding for items and services that clearly should be supported by the Town budget. BCF cannot fund programs that have been cut from Town budgets or that the Town is legally required to provide, except when grant requests address immediate needs of underserved populations or enhance existing programs and services.

Prior to submitting a grant request, BCF requires that a Town Department demonstrate that

  1. There are no available Town funds for its proposed project or program, and/or;
  2. Funds were requested as part of the Departmental budget but denied. Grant requests should also include a description of how the program or project will be sustained in future years.

Town departments are also encouraged to seek matching funds from additional outside sources.