As the school year begins, Brookline High School (BHS) students are eagerly returning to classes, seeing friends and pursuing their academic interests. But for last year’s seniors, 2023 marks the start of a new journey: the journey into college and post-secondary education.

For nearly a decade, BCF has been helping BHS graduates in taking this crucial step in their educational journeys through our scholarship funds. Established in 2014, the BCF Scholarship Fund for BHS has provided need-based scholarships to graduating BHS seniors to support them during the pivotal transition from high school to post-secondary education and minimize financial barriers to continuing college or professional training. Since its establishment, BCF has raised over $1,400,000 million for the BCF Scholarship Fund for BHS in under ten years. Along with our seven named scholarship funds – the Beverly Skende Scholarship Fund, the Harold Brown Scholarship Fund, the Hodgman-Pike Scholarship Fund, the Olga Blasser Scholarship Fund, the Piltch Family Scholarship Fund, the Steps to Success Scholarship Fund and the Thomas P. Hennessey Scholarship Fund – generous donors are helping Brookline students achieve their educational dreams.

This past year, thanks to the generosity of 141 donors to the BCF Scholarship Fund for BHS, of whom 44 were new, BCF awarded a combined $181,700 in scholarship funding from all eight scholarship funds to 45 graduating Brookline seniors. Students who have received scholarships from BCF have gone on to study at schools including Umass Amherst, the University of Arizona, Vanderbilt, Brandeis and Howard University. “Scholarships are the gift that keeps on giving,” says Amy Silberstein, Director of Leadership Giving at BCF. “When you invest in a student at the beginning of these important education endeavors, they have a better chance of succeeding, of building a meaningful career and of giving back so others can have the same opportunities.”

More recently, BCF’s Scholarship Committee shifted their focus to providing multi-year scholarships to graduating seniors. In 2023, 10 students received 4-year scholarships to support them through the entirety of their college careers. Already, the impact is being felt by Brookline students taking the next steps in their educational journeys. “Having a multi-year scholarship is crucial to me because I wouldn’t have the funds to attend college without this support,” says Haylie, a BHS graduate and current Bridgewater State University student. “Getting financial assistance is amazing and I am extremely grateful for my scholarship!”

Today, we’re preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BCF Scholarship Fund for BHS, which begins in 2024. And as we move towards that celebration, we remain committed to supporting Brookline students as they take their next steps in their education and lives.

Are you passionate about helping Brookline students build their futures? Consider making a donation to the BCF Scholarship Fund for BHS or contacting our team to learn more about establishing your own named scholarship fund.