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In 2014, we set out an ambitious three year-plan for the Foundation and the town. With the Brookline Forward campaign, we committed to three areas of work:

  • REDUCE & ALLEVIATE POVERTY with an expanded financial safety net, a strengthened support network and more pathways to economic security.
  • EXPAND OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUTH beyond school hours so that all Brookline families can access programming that promotes success in school and positive youth development.
  • INVEST IN THE FOUNDATION’S CAPACITY with more efficient systems and technologies so that every dollar makes the greatest impact.

Now, as we complete the third year of our campaign, we’re proud to say we’ve made major strides in each area, meeting or exceeding every target. We raised a total of $2.9M for these important causes—$500,000 more than our goal. We’ve also seized significant opportunities and established new funds dedicated to college scholarships and health and wellness that will help pave the way toward a more vibrant future.

Today we’re a stronger organization than ever. We’ve become known as a steadfast partner and nimble leader, an organization that keeps one foot in the here and now, ready to deliver support where it is needed, and one pointed toward the future, looking ahead at how we create a better Brookline for generations to come.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We’re thankful for your continued commitments and emboldened by your support as we take the next steps to move Brookline forward.