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It’s been an impressive year at the Brookline Community Foundation — we’ve increased our impact in strategic areas, strengthened foundation capacity and taken advantage of exciting opportunities to grow in new directions.

Since we were founded as the Brookline Friendly Society more than a century ago, BCF has been a trusted partner to Brookline leaders and residents and a reliable source of support for local nonprofits. Over that time, BCF has raised and awarded millions in much-needed financial support, creating a legacy of giving in our community. We distributed more than $390,000 in 2015 alone—grants that helped neighbors in crisis, made arts and youth programs more accessible, fueled innovative food access programs and helped keep many Brookline agencies running.

BCF remains the only foundation looking out for Brookline as a whole. We use our unique position to keep a pulse on community needs, forge dialogue across organizations and help donors make Brookline a strong, more vital community. Partners and donors alike all look to BCF as a knowledgeable and deeply committed partner.

In this report, we’re pleased to share stories from individuals who’ve led transformative work with the help of our foundation—just three examples of how BCF continues to be here, building a better Brookline, together with you.