Understanding Brookline

The Brookline Community Foundation (BCF) is committed to building public understanding about community needs and to engaging residents in finding solutions to our shared challenges.


Emerging Trends and Changing Needs

BCF recently launched the Understanding Brookline Initiative to put a spotlight on current trends and needs in our community. In the first phase of our research, we commissioned a comprehensive analysis of U.S. Census and other data that offers insight into the changing demographic and socioeconomic profile of our town.

In a second, related research effort, BCF trustees met with more than 30 community leaders, asking what they see as the most pressing needs in our community. 

In a first-of-its-kind report, BCF shares important findings from both projects.

Join the Conversation

In 2013, Brookline is a changing community. The strengths and resources of our town continue to make it a highly desirable place to live, but we also have significant questions to address:

  • How can we nurture the diversity and vibrancy of our community in a time of rising costs and income disparity?
  • How do we build on the strengths of Brookline’s civic infrastructure to address the most persistent and newly emerging needs of Brookline residents?
  • What creative solutions and new or strengthened collaborations can help us ensure Brookline is a great place to live for all residents?

We hope our research will inspire conversations at all levels in our community. With your input and support, we can work together to build a better Brookline.

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