Why Give?

Because you make the difference. 

When you give through BCF, you support the causes you care about right here in Brookline.

When you give through BCF, you invest in your town, strengthening programs for the elderly and youth, sustaining local nonprofit organizations and supporting vital services for low-income families such as childcare and emergency assistance.

When you give through BCF, you inspire new initiatives and other innovative responses to demonstrated needs in our community.

When you give through BCF, you connect to your neighbors. Pool your contribution with gifts from others who share your concerns, or target a specific philanthropic goal that complements the goals of others, building a stronger, more caring community in the process.

Give Where You Live

As your local partner in philanthropy, the Brookline Community Foundation (BCF) helps people like you address the causes that matter most to Brookline’s residents.

We listen to our donors, because we are committed to serving the needs of our community, and we search for creative, effective ways to fill those needs. Our accounts are public, and we are governed by a limited-term, volunteer Board of Trustees. Grants are professionally administered and formally evaluated for effectiveness. Gifts entrusted to us are professionally managed, and monitored regularly by an independent investment advisory committee. As a public charitable foundation, we are able to offer the maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

Give Now

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