Emerging Trends

The Changing Face of Brookline

Brookline residents have unique demographic characteristics, and the population continues to evolve.

  • A female majority: Brookline is 55% female, with females outnumbering males in nearly every age group. Brookline’s unusual gender skew is most significant for 20-29 year olds, who are 62% female. 
  • Large and growing professional class: Since 2000, the percentage of individuals in professional occupations increased from 73% to 77% of the total adult workforce. Statewide, only 43% of workers are in this category.
  • Increasing diversity: Brookline is more racially diverse than it was ten years ago, with 23% of residents identifying as a race other than white in 2010. Brookline’s Asian population grew most significantly, increased from 12.8% to 15.6% of the total population. Asian residents include American-born individuals, recent immigrants, and adopted children from with roots in many parts of Asia.
  • An international community: A large internationally born population adds another layer of diversity to our community; 26% of Brookline residents were born outside the United States.

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