Changing Needs

Rising Costs and Need

Across the state and country, wages have not kept pace with inflation for large segments of the population, make it harder to make ends meet. Brookline’s high cost of housing contributes to the strain, as do the steadily rising costs of childcare and health care. Meanwhile, federal and state assistance programs, intended as a safety net for low-income individuals and families, have not kept pace with inflation. 

Boston-based Crittenton Women’s Union estimates the true cost of living for Norfolk County to be $76,152 per year for a two-parent family with one pre-school age child and one school-age child, more than three times the official poverty rate.

Many Brookline residents are grappling with serious crises, including domestic violence, homelessness, and mental illness that make stability even harder to achieve. Non-profit leaders in Brookline note a need for holistic services to address increasingly complex challenges.

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