Changing Needs

Understanding Brookline Poverty

Poverty cuts across all age and demographic groups in Brookline with some more affected than others.

  • Poverty varies by gender: 68.1% of those living in poverty are girls and women.
  • It varies by race: 19.4% of Latino, 13.5% of Asian, 13.1% of black and 11.6% of white residents have income at or below poverty.
  • It varies by education level: 6.9% of adults with at least a Bachelor’s degree live in poverty, compared with 25.8% of adults without a high school diploma.
  • It varies by geography and household type: Poverty households more highly concentrated in the northeast areas of the town and among single people and non-families.
  • Disabled residents are disproportionately affected too: Approximately a third (32.9%) of adults reporting disabilities have income at or below the poverty threshold.


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