Betsida is a passionate advocate dedicated to fostering a more vibrant, engaged, and equitable Brookline community. Holding a Master’s degree in Development Policy from Boston University, her academic journey has deepened her understanding of development policies and their impact on vulnerable populations. Currently serving as a Volunteer Policy Research Analyst for WEEMA International, a US-based nonprofit committed to community-led development in Ethiopia, Betsida aligns her skills with the organization’s mission of empowering communities through sustainable development practices. Beyond her professional commitments, she is the Founder and Advocacy Lead for the Amhara Youth Alliance of Massachusetts. Rooted in a commitment to justice and awareness, this initiative focuses on raising awareness about the ethnic-based genocide targeting the Amhara tribe in Ethiopia. Betsida mobilizes young individuals, fostering collaboration for advocacy work and actively contributing to the movement for positive change. Her multifaceted background and unwavering dedication make her a dynamic force in the pursuit of a better future for all.

Phone: +1 617.566.4442
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