Mission, Vision & History

The Brookline Community Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation for the Town of Brookline. 


The Brookline Community Foundation shines a spotlight on community needs, inspires philanthropy and awards strategic grants to build a more vibrant, engaged and equitable Brookline.



We envision a diverse and vibrant Brookline, where an ethic of philanthropy, equity, volunteerism and civic engagement ensures that everyone’s basic needs for social services, education and housing are met, the arts flourish, and the environment thrives.



With roots in the community dating back to the 19th century, the Foundation evolved from women active in the temperance movement in 1878 who organized and incorporated the Brookline Friendly Society in 1905. For much of the 20th century, the Brookline Friendly Society provided both health and social services for Brookline's neediest residents. In 1999, the organization renamed itself the Brookline Community Fund and provided small grants to the community. The Brookline Community Fund was then renamed the Brookline Community Foundation ("BCF") in 2005 to reflect its expanded mission. In 2010, BCF was recognized for complying with the National Standards for United States Community Foundations by the Community Foundations National Standards Board.

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